Monday, August 9, 2010

10 months!

10 months ago my precious and beautiful Sofia was brought into my life.  Can you believe in two months she will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!  I sure can't.  Oh that reminds me, I need to book the moonwalk for the party! :)

I honestly don't know what I did without her.  She makes my day so much better and watching her grow up is pretty freaking awesome.  Except, it just means that I'm getting older! BOO TO GETTING OLD! 

Look how little she used to be! I used to think she was cross-eyed. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad she grew out of that! :)

And now look at my big monster!

I hope that all of my kids are as beautiful as she is. And even I have some ugly ones, I will still love them...PROMISE! :) And yes, I do plan on having more...just not right now! Maybe next year... :)

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