Monday, August 9, 2010

Ouisie's Table

Theresa took me here and I'm glad she did!  Ouisie's Table is GOOD!!!!!!  
From the website in case you were wondering:
Before going any further let's pronounce the name Ouisie’s correctly. It is We' - zee. Oui (as in yes) - sie (zee as in ZZ Top). Ouisie's. Not "ooozy's" or "owlsy's" or "queezy's" but Ouisie's.

Anyway, this place is TOO cute.  And the food was even better.  Michelle Arnold always raves about this place and raves about the Chicken Fried Steak so of course I had to try it and I am glad I did!!!  The crust wasn't too heavy and the meat was super thin and tender.  The mashed potatoes were my favorite part.  They were heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were so good, they didn't even need the gravy. THAT GOOD!  And sorry the mash is under the steak and by the time I thought about taking a pic of them, I had eaten them ALL! 

Lori if you are reading this, Theresa ordered a salad...PROMISE! ;-)

No lunch is complete without dessert of course.  Theresa twisted my arm and MADE me order it...I SWEAR! I of course ordered the chocolate cake.  It was delish!

And Theresa this lady next to us ordered the peach cobbler.  That lady sitting next to us even let me taste it! How nice of her. And it was DELISH!! Not too sweet and not too heavy. 

I will definitely visit again. I want to try so many other things on the menu.  They have a bison burger that is catching my eye but I'm a little scared. Anyone ever have one of those????  Do tell if you have! 

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