Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

The title of my blog really hits home today.  Yes, I am a mother and I love being one but since my mom is in heaven, today the word "mom" means even more. 

My mom was the BEST!!!!!!!!  She was the rock that held my family together and that was even more apparent after she left.  She was the life of every party.  She loved to dance and sing (even though she wasn't any good!).  You knew she was in any room because of her "larger than life" personality and not to mention her loud laugh!!  Hmmm...I knew I got it from somewhere!  I am who I am today because of her teachings, her love and her outlook on life.  She was old school and she let you know it.  She didn't take shit from anyone and everyone was scared of her.  I still am actually.  She was a mother to everyone even if you didn't want her to be.  If she thought you were raising your kid the wrong way, she would tell you and she didn't care if you got mad or had your feelings hurt.  And I think that was one of the main reasons people loved her so much.  She was hard core on the outside but was soooo caring and loving in the inside.  She spoke her opinions because she did love everyone around her.  She would do whatever she could to help you.  Whether it was driving 6 hours to pick up her niece (ahem...BELINDA!) when she could no longer be contained by her mother or rubbing off your kid's makeup because she said she was "too young for that crap" (JESSICA!) And not to mention, she did it in front of everyone to prove a point!

*sigh* Oh how I miss you mother.  I miss your laugh, your smile, your humor and your words of wisdom. I was blessed with the best mother in the world.  I hate that you aren't here to help me raise my Sofia but I am blessed to be left with your wisdom. I will raise her as you raised me and I promise not to let her wear make up until she's 16!!  I am lucky to have had you for 24 years and in those 24 years you were able to instill morals, values and respect and for that I am eternally grateful.

I know that you look down on me everyday and that is what comforts me. You are missed every single day but I know that you are in a better place now.  Sending you love wherever you are. I love you mom.


  1. Awwww Blanca....I'm speechless :( [[hugs to you my friend]] and a very Happy Birthday to your mamacita, que desde el cielo los cuida, incluyendo a tu little Sofia <3

  2. WOOW!!!! that made my eyes water... well said blinks

  3. this could have been written by me for my grandma. You've managed to say what we all feel about someone who has left us too soon. I can tell your mom was a beautiful woman and like you said you are so lucky to have had her for 24 years. You are truly blessed to have such a woman watching over your family

  4. You described your mother perfectly. I know she is smiling down on you and is so incredibly proud of the wonderful mother and person you are. Hugs to you, Blanca.

  5. Perfectly Said!!! No other words could describe such a Wonderful Lady. Love her and miss her so much. XOXOXOXO's to you, my sister-in-law for always!!