Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new found love affair...

...with Twitter.

 I KNOW I KNOW.  I am officially one of THOSE people. I always swore I would never be...alas, never say never.  Anyway, I joined twitter last year and never understood it. Well I of course fell deeply in love with Facebook and never looked back. 

Until about a few weeks ago....I told myself I would try it again and I did and started liking it.  The part I like most is that you can actually follow celebs!!!!!  You know how I love celebrities and their business so this was PERFECT for me. I was a lurker at first. I mean if you respond to these people, THEY ACTUALLY READ IT!  None of them respond to you of course, but you like to think they at least read your carefully thought out tweet. :)

Anyway, after talking to one of my dear friends last night (who shall remain nameless), I found out that she looooooves Terrell Owens.  Yes, THAT Terrell Owens.  And she of course follows him on Twitter. I asked if she ever responded to any of her celebs that she follows. I mainly asked because she is WAY cooler and WAY more classy than I am...so I knew if she did it, I was A-OK!  And thank GOD she said yes.  That's when she said she had only responded to Terrell and Ocho-Cinco. Apparently, she loves the Bengels...but that's a different story.

Back to Mr. Owens.....I didn't think ANYONE liked him, much less LOVED him...but I was proven wrong.  So I told my friend that I would rally for her and TRY to get TO to say hello to her on Twitter.  She said if he did, she would totally buy me dinner.  And yes, I do work for food. I have no shame.  We are still waiting on his response.  She is waiting for his shout-out so that her life can be complete. I am waiting because ya'll know my fat ass is ALWAYS hungry. :)  I will let you know WHEN he says hello to her...because I know he will!!

Well THEN I made a bet with Cassie.  We shook hands and said that whomever could get  a celebrity to respond to one of us first WINS!!!!!!!!!!  I love me a good challenge. So you know I was working furiously to get a response today. Poor celebs...I was totally over doing it but whatev.  So I was sitting here at work, minding my own business when I see that I have a message on twitter.  AND GUESS WHAT???  A CELEBRITY SENT ME A TWEET!!!!!!!!!!  Well it wasn't Kim Kardashian or anything like that, but he is on TV! :)  His name is Michael Muhney and he plays Adam Newman on Young & the Restless!! 

He's pretty freaking cute too!

Cassie makes me watch this ALL the time so I actually have paid attention. And yes, there was a time where I too would run home to catch it on the DVR...but geez, it gets exhausting after a while. And when I go back to watching it, everyone is already broken up and the couples have all exchanged partners...I can't keep up.  ANYWAY...so he sent me a tweet that said "the pigtails are too cute". Well I don't have a picture of myself on there, I have one of my Sofia. So he looked at my profile pic and sent a nice note.  So he didn't ask me to come down to L.A. and hang out with him for a week...(I think he will though) but I won the bet!!!

SO...I tell Cassie that I WON and she had the nerve to say "He doesn't count...He's a loser" WHAT?!??!?!?  Because stalking people on Twitter makes us NOT losers???  Anyway, I just think she's being a sore LOSER herself.  She says we are "officially" starting the bet tonight.  I know I will win AGAIN!  I'm off to twitter land....

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  1. I would just like to point out that you acted like I was retarded for liking twitter, declared it confusing, you didnt understand it, didnt see the point, blah blah blah. :)


  2. And P.S....that person who loves T.O. is way too classy for him!! *sigh* Bengals suck!

    GO COWBOYS! :)