Monday, May 21, 2012

Too many graduations!

And I don't mean high school or college...I'm talking about ALL the kids "graduating" to 2nd or 3rd grade...or to kindergarten!!!

I know that parents are always so proud of their children when they accomplish a task...but "graduating" to the 2nd grade is NOT that big of an achievement!!!!  All they teach you in first grade is how to spell correctly...maybe write your name in the lines.. Jesus. If your dumb kid hasn't figured that out yet, you have bigger problems!

Am I being a bitch? An insensitive one at that?  I am a parent now so I think I have a right to voice my opinion. :)

Don't get me wrong...I will be so proud of my baby when she passes all her grades but I don't think making it a celebration EVERY time she passes to another grade is a good idea.  By the time the "REAL" graduations come she's going to be SO OVER IT.  And I don't think that's the point.

Ok...I'm done venting. :)


  1. I agree; it is not an achievement. It is what kids are supposed to do, hello?!? But, you will be surprised or shocked. It is so much more than writing your name in the lines in first grade. First grade is serious about punctuation, cause and effect and science!!!

  2. Mon - I was being overly dramatic about the "learning to write your name" bit. My point's not that big of a deal. And I don't want to have to "celebrate" every time they pass a grade. This one guy was in the Apple store buying his kid an IPAD because they passed to the 2nd grade. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Geez.

  3. Was just Googling this trend as I watch my Facebook friends posting EVERY MINUTE about their kids' "graduation" from preschool, kindy-garten (misspelling intended), 5th, 6th, middle school..... I think this falls in the "trophies for participation in parks & rec sports" category. I GRADUATED from HIGH SCHOOL in 1985 and from College a bit later... Today kids get trophies and diplomas every season/year thereby diminishing the importance of REAL accomplishments. Have a preschool CELEBRATION, or an 8th grade PICNIC. Give kids certificates of PARTICIPATION for sports...