Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Night Court - BLAH!!!

I have court tonight! Why you ask? Because I was speeding police officers are mean!  I wasn't even going THAT fast.  So I was going 77mph in a 60 mph zone....I was in a hurry! I mean I do love my job! He didn't believe me and gave me a ticket anyway. RUDE.  BUT I was in Boogie's truck at the time and the speedometer IS broken and I told him that and he still gave me a ticket.  BOO TO YOU POLICE MAN!

Court is at 7pm and I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL!  I inevitably sit next to a guy who is sick and hacking up their lungs and spreading their nasty ass germs all over me. OR I sit next to the guy that is covered in oil and smells like a car engine.  And is it me or is the scum of the earth always in court. I don't know what that says about me but WHATEVER.

AND the judges are usually mean!!!!  I won't say any names but there is a judge that hates me and I think if she's my judge, she's going to automatically put me in jail or try to deport me.  I should have picked up my birth certificate before I left the house!

Wish me luck!!! I hope I sit next to a Brad Pitt look alike or at least a clean person! 

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