Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Michele!

I don't usually call my BFF Michele but I figured I would be proper and type her name in the title.  I haven't called her Michele in a LONG ass time.  Our pet name for each other is "Vieja". It means old lady in Spanish.  One day we started calling each other that and it stuck. I'm sure people look at us like we are crazy but OH WELL! We are cool and they aren't!

Yesterday my Vieja turned 31! I was so excited because she finally caught up to me! I'm older than her by like 45 days so it's always nice when she is old like me! :)  We went to Pappa's Seafood House for dinner and it was by far, the best meal I've ever had there.  I am a creature of habit and ALWAYS ALWAYS order the same thing but last night I decided to be a rebel!!  I ordered a pasta dish -- of course!  It was linguine with marinara sauce with grilled shrimp, crab claws, scallops, jumbo lump crab beat AND lobster tail.  It was heavenly.  Seriously.  I don't even remember the dish name but it was TO-DIE-FOR!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to go back so I can order it again.

This was her with her cake.  Oh and her sister Melissa and daughter Melina. They look like triplets!!!!

The cake looked and smelled divine.  Do you know how hard it was for me NOT to accidentally fall face first into that cake? THEN I had to feed some to Sofia which made it even harder.  It had fresh strawberries in the middle of it...MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I stuck to my lenten promise and did NOT have sweets.  But dang -- it was HARD not to give in.  I am proud of myself though. :)  I think God was even a little impressed/

Happy Birthday Vieja!!!!!!!!!

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