Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FINALLY!! I got a new car!

Well let me rephrase's not new but it's new to me!! And it's definitely new to my checkbook. LOL!  I haven't had a car note in two years and let me tell you, it was NICE!  You would think I would have all this money saved up but YEAH RIGHT!  The more money you have, the more you spend right!? 

ANYWAY...if you've been keeping up you know that my car died a few weeks back.  Since then, I've been looking.  Looking for a cars is always stressful because they cost so damn much and people are always trying to screw you over.  Good friends of ours have been telling us to try out Texas Direct Auto.  They are a wholesaler...kinda like Car Max but different. :)  So last Friday, Boogie and I went down to Stafford, Texas and checked out this palce.  They sell cars on EBAY but also have a dealership.  We looked on EBAY and saw some cars that we like.  So we arrive and looked at a few but then I saw MY car.  It was a little more than what we wanted to spend but we got the keys to look at it anyway.  As SOON as I sat down, I fell in love and I KNEW that was my car.  Seriously.  I didn't tell Boogie that but it was love at first sit down.

We turned the music on and one of my mommy's favorite songs came on and I told Boogie "it's a wants me to get it'.  If  you know me, I am ALL about my "signs".  Anyway, we went inside and start talking about prices, etc.  We were there until 9:30 pm!!!  Why isn't car buying easier.  We left that night not knowing if we were going to get it. The deal they gave us wasn't ideal so we left.  BUT they called Saturday morning and they had a few other deals that we agreed on.  They told us to come on Monday to pick it up.

That was the LONGEST weekend EVER!!!! I was like a little kid. I wanted to the days to go fast! I even woke up early on Monday morning, did my hair and even put make-up on. LOL!!!! I was super excited.  We went Monday afternoon, took one last test drive and signed paper work.  It was amazing!!!!!!!  I'm going to be broke for the next 5 years but it's ok.  We needed more room for Sofia and her future siblings!  The car holds 7 passengers!!  It's perfect for my Mexican ass!! :)

So if you see a pearl-white GMC Acadia on the may be me.  WAVE!!!!

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