Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cirque de Soleil OVO!

Last night I experienced Cirque de Soleil for the very first time.  And I give it two thumbs up!!  I sort of knew what to expect but not really. I knew it was sort of a circus for big kids but other than that, I didn't have much info to go on.  Well I LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!  If you haven't gone, GO! If you have gone, then you know what I mean!

Me and the girls made it a GNO!  It was myself, Theresa, Vanessa, Esmeralda and Jill.  Esmeralda and Vanessa only fought 4 times...maybe 5.  I didn't fight with Vanessa AT ALL! I think that's a miracle.  But she IS pregnant so maybe I like her more right now. :)  It was a good time had by all.  It's always nice to hang out with friends on a school night. It makes you feel like a rebel!  But then in the morning when you can't get up for work, you are quickly reminded that your ass is OLD!  That happened to me today.  BUT it was worth it.

Here are a few pictures I found of the show.  The pictures don't do the show justice but hopefully you can sort of get a feel what we experienced.  The show is here until April 10. Check it out before it leaves!!!

The Big Top!  There are really no BAD seats.  We sat on the last row and we could see everything perfectly.

Me, Cassie and Boogie do this on the weekends. Piece of cake!

These young girls were UH-MAZING!!!!!!!!  They would turn stuff with thier feet while laying on other people's feet and then they would switch feet by being tossed to the other. It was GOOD stuff! I can't even bounce a basketball.

These acrobats were all HOT ASS MEN! They had on tight body suits and you could see EVERYTHING. I fell in love about 10 times. :)

These dudes were amazing too! They were jumping on trampolines and walking up that wall and doing all sorts of neat stuff!!

I could talk all day long about this but it won't do it justice.  You must see this in person to appreciate the art and the great entertainment this is.  I promise, you will not be dissapointed.  GO BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!

This is a great preview of the show! Take a look!

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