Monday, March 7, 2011

I need to borrow 5 million!

I know someone out there has this money that I NEED!  Well once you read why I need it, you will really want to let me have it...I mean borrow it. :)

At our house, cars are getting to be scarce.  This isnt' a good thing because we all work and need cars!  Cassie AKA Evil Knieval wrecked and totaled her car about a month or so ago.  Since then she's had a rental and now her new "rental" is my car.  Which she hated before but now all of a sudden "loves". But I digress...

Since she was driving my car, I have been using Boogie's truck. This thing is a gas guzzler and it's starting to get on my damn nerves. Especially since gas is $10 a gallon!!  But beggars can't be choosers so that's what I've been driving.  Oh and in between this, Boogie's dad also got in a wreck and has been without a car too! So there are days when Cassie has to drop me off so that Boogie's dad can get around.  Don't go driving near 59 and Little York....just sayin'. this morning, I get a text from Cassie saying that she was broken down (in my car) and didn't know what to do.  WELL HELLO...CALL SOMEONE THAT CAN MOVE THE CAR! I swear, kids are helpless sometimes. My aunt came to her rescue and she towed the car to my uncle's house.  My uncle is a mechanic and he calls me and says "I think you need a new motor".  Uhh...what...scuze me?!  I swore I thought he said I needed a new motor but I must have still been asleep.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEED A NEW MOTOR!!?!?!? It's not like new motors are cheap! It's not like getting a new battery or new spark plugs.  Motors are a BIG DEAL!!!  *sigh*  So you see why I need that money? :) 

I accept cash, checks that clear and all major credit cards.  GRACIAS!!!!

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