Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sofia's Christmas Pictures

I took Sofia to take her Christmas pictures last Friday and it was a half success.  I swear Sofia is more like her dad everyday!

She had this gorgeous dress on and looked so pretty!!  Her hair was curled, the shoes were perfect -- she was READY to be photographed.  Well the lady started and she did well at first -- then 10 minutes in, Sofia started yelling "SCARED...SCARED!" OMG Sofia...scared of what?!?!!?!?!  There was a Christmas tree...lights...nothing scary AT.ALL. 

So I tried to bribe her with everything...candy, ponies, cars, jewelry...NOTHING WORKED!!  She was like a spider monkey holding on for dear life.  That's not an exxageration AT.ALL.

Anyway, we got like THREE good shots. Yes. Only Three.  But luckily she's REALLY cute so you can't tell she was being a pain.

I will try and post some so you can judge for yourself.

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