Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol!

Ok, so this season has been boring, to say the least. The auditions weren't that funny and the talent, has been OK! Even though every year they say "this is the best talent we've seen" WHATEVER! Get a new line please.

Anyway, I was really hoping Andrew Garcia was going to make it far. First of all, his glases are too cute and he can actually sing! AND HELLO!!! He's MEXICAN!! I have to root for my peeps! I was sad to see him go but unfortunately, "Straight Up" ultimately was the reason for his demise.

ANYWAY...last night's episode was OK too. They had to sing Shania Twain songs. I thought this was a weird choice but I guess since she was a guest judge, they had to do it. Hey Victoria Beckham was a guest judge too...I wonder if they will have a SPICE GIRLS night!!!!?!??! OMG how awesome and tacky would that be? I'm so writing the show tonight.

Ok, sorry, had an ADD moment. Anyway, so they sang some Shania Twain songs. BIG MIKE sang a song I never heard. The little gay boy sang something too...boring. Siobanananan sang that one song where you stomp you feet..."every heart of mine". OMG I thought it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the judges seemed to like it. I think they were on Paula's left-over drugs. Ok, who else is left? Oh yeah Bowersox of course rocked it. They need to stop the show and just give her the title, a recording contract and get it over with. We all know she's going to win. Well at least she better win!!!! Oooooh I forgot about the cute boys. Lee and Casey. They are sooooooooooooo cute!! I hope they stay so I can have some eye candy to look at. I wonder who goes home tonight. I home Siobaananana goes home. She screams too damn much.

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