Thursday, April 29, 2010


Siobanananaan is gone!!!!  Thank goodness. She was getting on my damn nerves with her dorky glasses and that yell.  My ears thank you America for not voting for her. :)

Last night's show was good!  HELLO RASCAL FLATTS WAS ON!!!!!!  I love love love them.  And I'm the only one in my household. Whatever, they rock and Boogie and Cassie are just jealous that they can't wear shirts with BLING on them. :)  So they sang a song and it was awesome.  Then Sons of Sylvia were announced by guess who??!?!  Ugh....Carrie Underwood!  I can't believe that Cassie didn't know she was coming on but of course the world stopped at that moment.  I'm surprised she didn't rewind it 3432435 times.  Anyway, those dudes SUCK!! I can't believe Carrie takes them on the road with her. I would go to her concert LATE just so I wouldn't have to sit through their music. Cassie of course likes them but only because Carrie does. LOSER! 

Anyway, Shakira was on there too...though I was confused why because it was a Country music theme.  They tied it together by having Rascal Flatts sing with her and it was just weird. Although Shakira's shirt had bling so she matched Gary! LOVE IT! 

Then of course the DRAMATIC ass "dim the lights" moments....OMG JUST TELL US WHO IS LEAVING ALREADY!!!!!  But I get it, drama is fun.  Believe me, I know, DRAMA is my friend. :)

Anyway, the play the montage of Shiobanana and they want to make you feel sad for her.  This montage just reminds me WHY I don't like her.  ADIOS GIRLFRIEND!  She shouldn't feel too bad...she's still going on tour and making some MULA!

I can't wait for next week!

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