Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cassie's Girls

Ok so Cassie has this group of girls she hangs out with ALL the time. And I do mean ALL the time. :) Anyway, the reason I bring them up is because I've never met them!! Can you believe it? I think Cass has been working there 2 years, and NOTHING! I think it's because Cassie knows they will like me more than her!!!

I am friends with them on Facebook though!! HAHAHAHA! And they have even met my Sofia. Crazy right? I wonder how long it will take to meet them? I wonder if we will even like each other when we meet? I guess the better question, will I like THEM! EVERYONE LOVES ME!!! DUH!! :)

Here are the infamous "girls"... Andrea, Amanda, and Debra!


  1. Awe you havent even met us and you already love us!! :)

  2. Huh? I don't see "love" anywhere on this posting! ;-)

  3. We are easy to love! lol! Just ask Sofia! :D