Thursday, April 29, 2010


Please don't judge me. Yes, I watch too much TV...oh well. :)

So last night was the first day in New Zealand.  OMG this place is gorgeous!! I WANNA GO!!!  Keep dreaming Blanca. Anyway, so their first challenge was to go to their GO-SEES right when they got off the plane. HOW RUDE! These girls were on a 20 hr flight, looked a HOT MESS and they had to go book jobs.  Well at least it made for good TV!  Anyway, I love the GO-SEES episode because someone always gets lost, half of them are late and the girls that aren't late LOVE to tell them that they are.  Well Angelea won the go-see challenge and of course she's already hated so she's hated even more now. LOVE IT!  She won all this fabulous stuff and it was waiting for her in their ultra-lush apartment.  They are stayin in the tallest building in New Zealand and OMG, you have to see it to believe. It's absolutely amazing!!!!! I am so jealous. 

Anyway, their first photo shoot is outside and the photographer is none other than "noted fashion photographer" (you have to say it Tyra's voice) Nigel Barker.  OMG Nigel is freaking H-O-T!!!!!!!  I get goose gumps when I see him.  OMG I would let him take pictures of me anytime.  Not that he would want to but in my dreams he does. :)  Anyway, the girls all wear the same dress so the girls have to BRING it! Oh and their prop for the day, a SHEEP!!! LOL!! Where do they come up with this crap? 

So Angelea does horrible, Alexandra the "plus-sized" model does WELL. And I use that term plus-size loosely because I swear this girl is a size 6! I wish I was that "fat".  Stupid model industry...but gosh I love this show!

Does this look fat to you??!?!?!  I would look like Shamu in this pose.  And not even as shiny.

 Anyway, I digress...Raina does amazing and so does Krista. Ummm...I don't remember anyone else so they must not be important. HA! Oh yeah, I forgot about stupid Alaisia, Alaysia or whatever her name is.  She went home and I am soooooo glad.  She was annoying and immature.  Go on back to Georgia girlfriend....

Next week "momma" Tyra is thier photographer.  Of course this is an important one because if you screw up in front of her, ADIOS AMIGA!!  Oh and has anyone noticed that Tyra has lost A LOT of weight??? I guess that picture of her fat bootie on that magazine cover worked.  Hell it would work for me too!! :)

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