Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunch with a Doctor!

The fabulous Dr. Michelle Cruz Arnold and boring ME went to lunch at Epicure.  This has become "our" place.  At least that's what I tell myself. :)  Michelle introduced me to this eatery and I ADORE it.  Most of you know that I am a creature of habit so I have only had ONE dish.  I always eat the chicken parmesan. OMG I don't even really like chicken parmesan but it is TO-DIE-FOR at this place.   Look at it..doesn't it look DELISH?!?!

Of course Michelle had something healthy!!! A BLT!  She said "well it has bacon". SO!! Mine is fried, covered with cheese AND has pasta.  AND she didn't even eat all of it.  OF COURSE!  Here's hers...she said it was good. But I bet not as good as mine!

The conversation is always the best with Michelle. I will miss her when she leaves!! Boo-hoo. I will leave that for another discussion. Anyway,  since I almost died in a fire this morning and almost died again when the DR almost ran over a stupid innocent pedestrian in the garage, I thought dessert was in order. Hello, chocolate makes everything better!   I had the Vienna Chocolate Cake and Michelle redeemed herself with a coconut cake. 

And if you don't like those desserts, no fear. They have lots of selection!

If you live in Houston, you must visit!   Check out the website!

And the "after" pictures!! :)  As you can see, Michelle leaves food. BOO TO HER! :)


  1. I am the one who is boring! :) And notice there is very little bacon on my plate! Err. thank for not taking a picture of the bacon I spilled all over the floor. I guess I am a 2 year old inside! :)