Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heated Eyelash Curler?

Today Lori was asking some of the girls in the office if they had ever used a heated eyelash curler. FIRST OF ALL...I didn't even know they existed. SECOND OF ALL, why would I purposely put a heated curling iron near my EYE BALL!??  Well those were my first thoughts until I googled said product.

Turns out it's not a 3rd degree burning utensil.  And it also turns out that lots of people use them.  Have you ever heard of this thing? Do you have one? If so, please enlighten me!!

Here are some pictures that I found online:

Ummmm why would I want to look like I have 4 eyelashes??? 

I think my consensus is that these things look SCARY!


  1. I got mine here:

    Really easy to use and got many compliments on it.. Love!!!!

  2. Hello, I already heard about this article and I want to try it.