Friday, April 30, 2010

Inside the work!!

Today I had lunch with the ever popular Marcus Wilkins.  He used to be a pro football player and gave me the inside scoop on the NFL!

Here is his resume that I got from wikipedia. :)
Green Bay Packers (2002-2003)
Arizona Cardinals (2004)
Cincinnati Bengals (2004-2006)
Atlanta Falcons (2007)

This was a delightful lunch because I LOOOOOOVE football.  He gave me a lot of insight to the game. For instance, did you know that pro football players have to turn in tax returns for every state they play in??!?!? That is CRAZINESS!  And I was happy to know that #4 is as funny and down-to-earth has he seems.  Marcus said that he shows up to practice on time,is never late to anything and knows EVERYONE'S name.  That makes me feel a lot better because if he wanted to, #4 could be a jerk.  Oh and late breaking news, Chad Ochocinco is really that crazy happy. :)   Oh and get this....all that craziness happines is au naturale.  He doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs.  YOU GO 8-5!
Thank you Marcus for such wonderful conversation! I cannot wait to hear more.  STAY TUNED PEOPLE!
Oh, here is Marcus as a Packer!

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