Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!!!

My weekend was filled with lots of fun!  I got my haircut.  Sure enough Boogie said "wait, I thought you WENT and got your hair cut?"  Ugh.  And then he said "you paid how much?" OMG, how I do I stay sane?!?!?  Anyway, after my haircut I went and used a store credit at Baby Gap. OMG that store has the cutest things for Sofia.  She got a bathing suit, two dresses and a jumper.  I can't wait to put it all on her!  Well she did use the bathing suit but that's another post.

Saturday we went to Jake's party.  He turned two. I can't believe it!! I remember when Tina told me she was pregnant and that seems like last week!  Sofia had fun seeing all her tias. 

Look how cute Jake is!!

Sofia's first birthday hat!!!

After the party we went to Frank and Angel's house to watch the fight. least it was supposed to be a fight!  Again, that's another post.  And yesterday, as promised, I did nothing!! :) I was supposed to go grocery shopping but I "forgot". :)

Happy Monday people.  MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK!

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