Monday, May 3, 2010

Sofia went swimming!

I was sooooo excited to take Sofia swimming for the first time. I got her bathing suit on Friday, her sunblock and float on Saturday.  Then I realized that  someone was going to have to get in with her and then the horror sunk in that it was going to be ME! OMG!  I hate bathing suits but I bought one anyway.  Anyway, this is what I looked like.  And the sad part is that I can't even do flips!

But I digress.  Anyway, the weather was perfect for swimming.  The water was really cold but Frank turned on the hot tub and it was perfect for Sofia.  She played in her float for a while but then I carried her and she loved it even more!  She learned how to splash the water with her hands and she was cracking up!  It was sooooo much fun watching her.  I can't wait to take her again.

Thank you Frank and Angel for having us over. We had a blast!!!

You can really see her suit here. Isn't it super cute?!?!?

She had so much fun!!!

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