Monday, May 3, 2010

Stupid fight!

Ok, so I was soooo looking forward to this fight.  First of all, I cannot STAND Floyd Mayweather and I really thought this was his best chance at losing!!  I knew he would probably win but I at least thought it was going to be close. 

Ok so WHY did Chris Brown sing the National Anthem??????!?!?!?!?  First of all, he beat the shit out of Rihanna.  Remember that people?  And who in their right mind would get this fool to sing the National Anthem in a BOXING ring??!!?  Do you think he was trying to land a job or what??  Maybe he could have beat Mayweather because Mosley couldn't do crap!!  Hey that's a thought, you think Mayweather will take that fight? 

ANYWAY, I had a glimmer of hope in the 2nd round.  Mosley actually hurt Mayweather!! OMG my heart was racing, I was jumping up and down and I was super duper excited.  So I'm thinking Mayweather is going to get KNOCKED the F-out out in the 2nd round. It was about to be the best night E-V-E-R!  Then...Mosley just stopped hitting him. WTF???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is he serious?  He had him.

This turned into the most boring fight. Mosley looked tired in round 3!  He never got his snap back and let me tell you, Mayweather did.  He used Mosley as a punching bag the rest of the night.  Mosley definitely looked 38 in the ring....maybe 48!  Geez. 

Well, now I can only hope that Pacquiao will agree to some terms and fight Mayweather. I really do believe that Pacquiao is the only one that can possibly beat Mayweather.  Both camps need to agree to something!! The fans need this fight!!! My heart may not be able to take it but who cares!!!!

This is what it looked like all night.

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