Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The new and improved.....

I have been at the Partnership for 7 years now and I have seen a lot of people come and go...mostly go!  But at a place like GHP, it comes with the territory.  And every time an ex-staffer comes back to visit, they always look more refreshed, younger, thinner, happier...you get the picture!  And this definitely held true when Ms. Shamyra Myra Robinson showed up today!  She looked GOOD!

She had her make-up on, a gorgeous slut-red red dress on, some cute peep-toe heels, lots of cute accessories!!! I was totally jealous.  Of course I never wear make-up unless I have an event. The last time I wore a dress I was pregnant and the only reason I wore it then was because it was the only thing that fit. I haven't worn peep-toe shoes in forever..well because I don't have any. But enough about me...that's right, I was talking about Myra. Focus, Blanca, FOCUS! :)

There are few more people that are leaving this place. I can't wait to see their after pictures!

Here is Myra.  Look at that smile!!! She looks so happy now! Coincidence? 


  1. I saw her at the luncheon and she looked awesome! Refreshed! Relaxed! Hopefully I have a transformation underway! LOL!

  2. Oh don't you worry Michelle....you will get your own post!! :)