Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The King of Cool....

So last night on American Idol, the theme was Frank Sinatra night.  Why Frank Sinatra's family would agree to let these fools sings his songs is beyond me!! But, it was entertaining none the less.  My favorite part of the whole show was the mentor this week....Harry Connick Jr!!!! OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!  For one, he's freaking hot and second, he's freaking hilarious and let's not forget...he can sing!!! 

He's almost perfect....he's from Louisiana...nuff said.

Anyway, so first up is the little gay kid.  I thought he did horrible, the judges liked it.  What was up with his hair? He looked even basically like 2!  Next up was Casey I think. He looked hooooot but sounded HORRBILE! I knew this was going to happen.  He couldn't use his guitar for obvious reasons and he's just not a crooner AT ALL!  It was B.A.D. I hope he doesn't go home...he's too cute.  Next up was MamaSox. She looked really pretty! I think they went a little overboard with the dress and hair, but I get it.  She did well, nothing to write home about. Ummmm....oh Big Mike was next.  Ok, I am so over this BIG BIG dude.  Yes, he can sing but I don't get goosebumps when he does.  Everyone was going on and on and on about him and I was like "did we just hear the same thing?"  But in the judges defense, the talent SUCKED this year so in comparison, I guess he is really good.  Anyway, and last but not least is Lee.  He's hot and can sing. I hope he wins it!!!!  He's kind of the "dark horse" the way Chris Allen was.  Let's just hope if Lee does win, people will actually know he was from American Idol. I swear when people ask me who won last year, I have to stop and think a bit. Then I'm like "oh yeah...the dude with the weird faces!"

Here he is with the real winner loser, Adam Lambert.  Take some notes one knows who you are!

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