Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An obsession is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

So Cassie is going to be really upset with me, but I will risk it. This is toooo good NOT to post. So everyone on this earth who knows Cassie, knows that she is obsessed withe Carrie Underwood. And I really do mean it. I know that one day I am going to walk in her room and there is going to be candles lit, a rug and pillows surrounding her picture!

The other day Cassie told me she had recorded an episode of Sesame Street for Sofia. I thought "well how sweet is that!?" So we were watching and I hear "and now welcome, Miss Carrie Underworm" At first I thought "oh how cute...they are playing on Carrie's name". THEN the dumb worm started singing and of course, it was CARRIE!!!! I was like WTF????!!!!! First of all, how the heck did she know she was going to be on there? I am guessing that the rest of the stalkers have a website where they research this stuff. She's going to Austin to see her in May and of course going to the concert here in October. Ummm...I'm guessing it's going to be the same concert. But does she care? OF COURSE NOT!

Anyway, since Cassie wasn't home last night, I took advantage and took some pictures of the evidence!!! Sorry Cass, this is too good not to blog about! Maybe Carrie will see it and want to meet you...or get a restraining order. :)

This is the entrance to her room. I promise!

The poster she got when she stalked her in Tennessee!

She made me ask for this poster at the concert she took me too a few years ago.

The bottles of Vitamin water that we got at the same concert. Ok, so these are almost two years old and she still has them. I got in trouble because I opened mine. Geez. MY BAD!

She has EVERY SINGLE magazine that Carrie has graced the cover of. FORREAL!!! WHO DOES THAT???!! This is one of them...the stack of them are under this one. I'm surprised they aren't in a glass case!

Said stack:

The first of many t-shirts!

So as you can see, Cassie likes Carrie a little bit. :) If there is a commercial on with her face, we have to stop and watch. If we are watching something that is recorded and she sees her face, she will stop, rewind, and watch it. I will come home and she will be watching an OLD show with Carrie in it. I mean, it is RIDICULOUS!!! But, I do think it's cute. I don't think she likes ME this much. But I also can't sing and I don't have gazillion dollars! One time she even asked me to move with her to she could be closer to her!!! Cassie, I love you, but this is funny stuff. And it's not like everyone doesn't know this already!!!


  1. gotta love cass <3

    i was sitting here at work laughing uncontrolably lol...too funny!!

  2. Cass didn't think so! LOL!! But thanks for agreeing with me Liz!

  3. I think since she is going in May and since I bought the tickets for the one in October, I should Megan and Cera and I should go instead of Cassie, Megan and Cera. Lol. I never really belived Cera until now. lol