Friday, May 7, 2010


Ok so I know that raising babies is hard work but Sofia has spoiled me!! She started sleeping through the night at 2 months old and I thought I had won the lottery!!  But now, she's 7 months and she will sleep 5 hours TOPS straight through?  WTH Miss Sofia??????  Last night she woke up at 1am and 5 am!!!!!!!!!  OMG my eyes were as heavy as bricks.  I know this makes me a horrible mom, but I put her in her bouncy thingy, and I laid down on the sofa. I fell asleep. :)  BUT she was watching cartoons....the educational ones, promise, or was it an infomercial?  Either way, they are both very informative.

Please, please someone give me some motherly advice....just in time for Mother's Day no less. 

But even when I'm half asleep, she shoots me this smile and I melt.  How can you not? :)

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  1. I know its tough! Aden was sleeping thru the night at 6 weeks! I thought I was Super Mom or something! LOL soon to find out I wasnt... Around 6 month old Aden stopped sleeping thru the night. His doctor along with a few others told me that at this age they are just leaning so much that they dont want to sleep. They sleep because they are tired and wake up as soon as they can to start exploring more! This is just a phase and will soon pass! Good luck! :)