Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The MET Costume Gala....Best and Worst!

I love, love, love red carpet shows.  I adore seeing what the stars are wearing and more importantly, I like to critique whatever they are wearing. Because, as we all know, I am perfect, therefore I can! ;-)

Anyway, here are the worst that I saw.  WHO STYLES THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!?

For people that are so beautiful, they look HORRIBLE!!! She looks like a hooker.  A real one!

I'm on the fence on this one.  But to her defense, with those legs, why not show them off??  Let me not talk about her....Craig may read this and we all know how much he loves Gossip Girl!

I don't even know who this, so I just saved her picture as "curtain" because that dresse so looks like one.  HIDEOUS.

Is this girl high all the time or what? I swear she always looks sleepy.  She must have been asleep when she put this on because there's no way in her right mind she thinks this is cute.  What is that?? And can someone please send this girl some tanning lotion.  I am beginning to think she really does believe she's a vampire. 

I saved this picture as "WTF".  I mean seriously.  This thing is hideous to the 100th power to infinity (went old school there!)  The color is horrible and the ruffles, the black, the cut, etc etc!!  It's just bad. It looks like a "modern" version of a saloon girls dress.  Wait, let me not talk about the saloon girl dresses...they don't deserve that.  Now this dress, deserves to go through a shredder ASAP!

My eyes can't take anymore of ugly, let's move on to the good ones!  Look at little Goldie Hawn. She always looks soooo pretty. And thank God she got a boob job.  Poor thing looked like a 5 year old before.  Take notes ladies, this is how a boob job is done tastefully.  :)

Finally, JLo or Jennifer Lopez or Mark Anthony's bitch or whatever she goes by these days, looks DECENT!  I mean this girl has a killer body but sometimes she just looks a HOT MESS! But I think she redeemed her self here. I actually like this dress.  But Lori pointed out that this dress looks familiar.  She thinks someone else wore the same dress....eeek! Let's go look for it!

Anne Hathaway is always so pretty!! I don't usually like a lot of tulle, but she wears it well.  I wish she would have done more with her hair, but she still looks gorgeous!

How sad, there are more dislikes than likes. OH WELL! The dislikes are funner to write about.  If you want to see more go here.


  1. That curtain women is the editor of Vogue! You are a sinner!!! But... an honest one. If I had a body like this ladies I would totally rock these dresses! And...I can't believe you sadi I look like a hooker (a real one)!

  2. DO have a body like these ladies SO BOOOOO TO YOU MRS. ARNOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!