Monday, May 10, 2010

Rose Nylund...AKA Betty White :)

Ever since they announced that MY Betty White was going to hose SNL, I could NOT wait!!!

I watched a marathon of Golden Girls ALL day and then watched the show of course.  It was GOOD!! I haven't read any reviews but who cares what other people think!! Betty is hysterical.  I want to adopt her as my grandma ASAP!  Do you think she wants a 30-year old Mexican as her granddaughter?? I think she would love it!

Some skits were funnier than others but my absolute favorite was the muffin skit.  I was cracking up!! It was classic comedy. Check out the link if you missed it.

I hope they bring her back!!!  This was the first time I have EVER watched an entire episode of SNL.  I will definitely watch again if Betty comes back.  It was the BEST!!!!!  I love you Betty!!!

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