Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I got an email today from Groupon (sign up, it's great!) for $25 for a "relaxing 60-minute Floast Session" at Float Houston.  WTH is Float Houston??

This is what the website says:
One session in Float Houston's specially designed float tank provides serene isolation, calm silence, and the unmatched comfort of weightless suspension. Let your body rest upon a bed of water keenly tuned to skin temperature (93.5 degrees) and infused with hundreds of pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, which produces a sensation similar to swimming in the salt-rich Dead Sea. With increased buoyancy, you needn't stress about maintaining balance or concentration as your mind is lulled into tranquil lucidity. Float with your tank closed to disconnect the senses from the outside world, or leave it open if desired. Choose to float freely in your swimwear, or float au naturel as Mother Nature intended.

Do people not use swimming pools anymore??  And people will try to make money on ANYTHING!!!!  Ok, so it has salt in the water, big deal.  Go swim in Galveston.  It has salt and even oil these days...you will come out exfoliated and oily!! :)  And then it says "float with your tank closed or open".  Ummm...how big is this thing if it has a top on it??  This sounds more and more weird.  My favorite is when it says you can wear clothes or NOT!  Geez...and of course, it's on Bingle and Little York...MY HOOD!!!

Check out the pics.  I think it's super duper weird!! What do you think???


  1. LOL! I have never heard of this! It looks like the lady is dead in the picture. I think you should try it "au naturel as Mother Nature intended" with the top open and then blog about it, with picture. HAHA! I am claustrophic so I would probably freak out and drown in the float tank. This is just wierd. - Candy

  2. Candy if you drown in that, you have issues. :) KIDDING!! No, I am with you, I would be super claustrophobic and Freak out!!!! PEOPLE ARE NUTS!!!!!!!!!!