Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bachelorette - Episode 5

This week's episode wasn't that dramatic but it had its moments.  So let's see what I remember! :)

Last week they were in NY and this week they get to go to Iceland!  Iceland..really?  Who goes there? I'm sure this is the only country that didn't protest some idiots traveling to their country...especially Kasey and Justin's dumb ass!  Anyway, so they are in Iceland and it's cold....surprise! Although I thought Iceland was green and Greenland was icy??!  But I digress...

So at one point they have to read poems to Ali and have some sort of Icelandic words in them. Who comes up with this stuff???  Anyway, the dummies do it and it is hilarious.  Some are cute, some are painful, HELLO CHRIS N!  Seriously, who is this guy? And where did he come from?  Anyway, he tried to wing it and just was all over the place. Even the guys had to turn away.  So in the end, Kirk won because he did a Roberto and said the poem to HER!

So he won the one-on-one date and I don't even remember where they go and what they talk about it.  :)  YAY FOR MEMORY LOSS!  Oh and he gets a rose, so he stays. I do remember that.  And let's be honest, he's not that cute! :)

So then Ali has a group date with the two crazies of the bunch. Tattoo Kasey and Wrestler Justin.  This one is interesting because we know that both of these fools are NUTS but yet we know ONE goes home.  So we have all been waiting for Kasey to tell Ali that his psycho ass got a tattoo.  If  he didn't do it, Rated Loser was!  So at one point, Kasey and Ali are on the side of a glacier (romantic? NOT!)  Anyway, Kasey starts to mumble something and takes his gloves off.  He's going to show her!!! So yes, he finally does!  And since there was no where for Ali to run, she stays and is like "WHEN DID YOU DO THAT?"  He tells her, they talk about it. He says something about the number 11..I'm guessing that's how many people he's killed so far.  Anyway, it was awkward and Ali tells him that she's "happy he is himself".  Really Ali?  That's the best you could do.  Anyway, so the time comes for her to choose.  And c'mon, after that tattoo thing, did you really think Krazy Kasey was going to stay?  So the saddest and funniest part is that Justin and Ali leave while KK is STILL on that glacier!! LOL!! The helicopter starts its engine, and he is literally standing out there watching! I wonder if he's still out there? :)  It was so pathetic but classic Bachelorette TV!!! Even Boogie felt sorry for the idiot.

Ummmmm...so then they go on a group date and Roberrrrto is there. :)  They go on some horses and then end up at some hot spring.  Ali takes off her parka and is appropriately dressed in a string bikini.  OF COURSE!  But I must admit, the girl does have a nice body..BITCH!  So the boys frolic with Ali in the middle of a glacier in a hot spring.  These dates are over-the-top but that's why we watch right?  She kisses all of them I think - YOU GO GIRL!  And most importantly, she kisses Roberrrrto!  Jeez this dude is HOT STUFF!  Ummm...that's all I remember.

So at the Rose ceremony, Frank tells her that he's sorry he hasn't bee trying harder, gazes into her eyes crazily. Ali thinks it's sweet.  *sigh* And of course they kiss.  Only one guy is leaving and it's Chris N (who?!!) Exactly. He's nobody so no one cares.

BUT NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Someone has a girlfriend and we find out who it is.  Boogie thinks it Tennessee Ty...I think it's Kirk.  But I can't wait for Monday to find out!!

Until next week....

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