Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey day is near!

Can you believe in two days it will officially be Thanksgiving??  Geez, this year flew by.  Sofia is almost 14 months old!!  Good lord, pretty soon she will be 15 and driving.  But let's leave that for another post.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year.  I get to see all of my family (crossing fingers) and it revolves around eating!!!  My two favorite things. :)  Every year since I can remember, Thanksgiving has been held at my aunt Lydia's house.  We all get together, eat, laugh and eat some more.  I sometimes make a dish but this year I am off the hook!  I only have to bring plates, forks and drinks -- SCORE!!!  I can totally rock that one out.

BUT, I'm not totally off for this great holiday. I am hosting dinner for Boogie's family.  Aint' I sweet? I am making the turkey, opening a few cans of veggies :) and making a sugar-free dessert.  I know that sounds foreign coming from me, but Boogie's mom is a diabetic and it wouldn't be fair if we were all eating yummy desserts in front of her. I hope the pie comes out ok -- I'll let you know if she eats it or throws it in my face!

I will post afterwards and pictures of the day!  Last year Sofia was so small and I actually FORGOT to take pictures!!! What a loser.  But this year, I will tell Cassie to. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving people!!!!!!

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