Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation RULES!!!

If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you are very aware that my lazy ass has been on vacation for 2 weeks now! :)  Are you jealous?  Well, my friend, you should be!!

Everyone has asked me if Leti was also on vacation. To those people I responded with a big HELL NO!  :)  For one, Leti can't afford not to work for 3 weeks and I can't afford not to get some much needed sleep.  So...I help her out, she helps me out.  It's a perfect marriage. The first day of my vacation, I slept until 2pm!!!!!  Seriously. I hadn't done that in ages! It felt so nice to be able to do so.  I love my Leti!!!!

I got to do some much needed Christmas shopping as well.  It's not fun shopping with a 1 year old, so again, this is how Leti comes in handy.   And I honestly can't remember what else I did but I do know that it was SUPER relaxing and it still is.

This week I had lunch with my favorite DR, I'm going to the movies with my brother-in-laws AND I'm going to hang out with Michele (my BFF!) AND it's New Year's Eve on Friday so there's even more fun to bed had!!  I swear....I need to win the lottery because I could totally get used to this.  I'm going to feel like a brand new employee next Monday!!!! I hope I remember the code to get in the door.

So now that you are REALLY jealous, I will stop.  :)  I am going to do this EVERY year!! It's the bestest EVER!!!!!!

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