Tuesday, March 6, 2012

People are dumb.

If you follow my blog, you know that I like to talk shit about people. I probably shouldn't, but it makes me feel better about myself.  So most of the annoying things come from Facebook and today I will share the ones that are annoying me this week.

There is a small group of people on Facebook that try to use big words and it just looks and sounds ridiculous.  Just because you use a big word in a sentence does not mean that you are smart.  And if you write like you speak, that usually doesn't work out either.  I know when I write emails, I sound WAY smarter than I actually am because I was taught how to do that....and I didn't even go to college. AND most of the idiots on FB have college degrees which is an entirely different story.

The people that only do favors so that they can rub it in your face a day later are on my nerves!!!!!!!!!  What happened to doing nice things for people just so you can feel good about yourself? And if you did a good deed that day...why do you have to put it on Facebook? And if you let me borrow $1 for a drink, why do you have to put it on Facebook like you saved my life????  I would rather you not do a damn thing for me if you are going to be waiting on my front door the next morning asking "what's in it for me?"

I think I have complained about these idiots before but GOODNESS gracious...why do you have to brag all the time???  I know I brag about Sofia being so smart, but that's not what I'm talking about. :) I'm talking about the people that brag about material items.  I really don't care that your man spent way too much money on that ugly Coach purse you now have to carry around.  And I really don't care that your man spent $200 on  Valentine's Dinner at a restaurant that was too packed to even enjoy!!!!!!!  STOP.THE.MADNESS.  We don't want to know every time you get a gift...really, we don't.

I think that's all for today..... :) I feel better now.

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