Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hunger Games

Ok so first let me start by saying that I am normally not a person that jumps on the bandwagon of popular things.  I never read Harry Potter or wait in line at un-Godly times to watch shiny people in Twilight.  For those of you that do, more power to you.

ANYWAY, a few months ago I started hearing about "The Hunger Games". I had NO idea what they were about but it seemed to be really popular.  As the movie premiered I never really paid attention to any of the news coverage or did I even read about it online.  So one night I was fumbling through the books on on my Kindle Fire and I saw "The Hunger Games".  I was intrigued because this book/movie has been EVERYWHERE!!  So I stopped and opened up the page to read reviews.  I always read the reviews because that's how I normally decide whether or not I'm going to read something. And let me tell you, I have not been disappointed yet. Thank you people who actually leave reviews. :)

I always start by reading the 5 star reviews then I read the 1 star reviews.  The 1 star reviews were stupid and the people that gave it 1 star didn't convince me not to read it.  Even after reading the 5-star reviews (which were great!) I was still undecided on whether or not to spend the *GASP* $5 on it. LOL!  But I did see an option to read a sample for FREE!!!  Well free is always good in my book so I did it.  I began to read it with absolutely no expectations and I figured if I couldn't get through the first chapter, I didn't lose anything but a few minutes of my life.

WELL LET ME TELL YOU! I could NOT put it down.  I was extremely shocked how good it was.  And I was even more shocked that I wanted to read more.  The sample only gives you 5 chapters.  Those Amazon people are smart. It's enough to get you hooked and not nearly enough to give you tons of info.  So at the end of the 5 chapters it  tells you go buy it for $5. AND I STILL was not convinced if I should.  I have issues. I know.

I literally could NOT stop thinking about this book after those first 5 chapters. It's as though it was a REAL life story. The characters were so stuck in my head and the story line was good and I kept asking myself "I wonder what happened in chapter 6?"  I knew I had to buy it and I am so very glad that I did.  After reading chapter after chapter...I was hooked.  When I wasn't reading it, I still was thinking of the story line. I don't remember the last time I liked a book so much.  I bought it on Friday and was done by Sunday.  Any free time I had, I was reading it.

I didn't think I was going to like it because the book is really dark. I don't like dark movies or books but again, it sucked me in completely.  I cannot wait to see the movie now. I am not expecting the movie to be as good (because really which movie is as good as the book?) but I am excited to see the characters in my head on the big screen.  I don't even know which actors are in the movie and this has been on purpose. I want to go in to that movie theater FRESH.

If you are skeptical like me about this book, read the sample.  It will grab you right away.  GO READ IT NOW!

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