Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bachelorette!!!

So finally, we see Ali again. I fell in love with Ali during Jake's season.  When she was fighting with herself whether to leave or not, I thought "DON'T LEAVE!!! JAKE IS YOUR KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR!!" . But after seeing the REAL Jake, Ali totally made the right decision.  Jake is a douche bag and deserves to live forever with Vienna Sausage.  But I digress...

So Monday night was the premiere and it's always one of my favorite episodes. We get to see the 25 new bachelors and see what idiotic cute way they try to make an ass out of themselves a good first impression.  I can't go over each of them because it would take too long and frankly, some I have already forgotten!

So here are the ones that made an impression on me!

#1 Craig Big Hair M. (Do all Craig's have great hair or what?)  Inside joke to my GHP fam!

This guy is a tool!  When asked to write down someone's name who didn't deserve to be here, he didn't want to. OMG grow some you-know-whats and write down a damn name!  No one likes you anyway!  Ok, so besides being a tool, this dude is not cute.  Cassie thinks he looks like Tori Spelling's Dean! LOL!!  I can see that.  What do you think?

Justin AKA Rated R - it should be RATED LOSER!

I didn't like this guy at all.  What a tool.  I hope he breaks his other leg so he has to go home!!! 

And my fave so far is Frank! 

Ok so jumping out of the moon roof was a bit over the top but I kinda enjoyed it.  No one has ever done that before so it made me remember him!  I like his little glasses and he has a cute face.  I think he will last a while.

The Houston weather man was a bust.  Why does everyone from Houston always embarrass us?!?!?!  Oh and the only latino, Roberto was another one I liked.  Although his eyebrows could use a wax...or two.  He's still a cutie and I was actually surprised she gave him the first impression rose.  His "dance lessons" are sooooo typical!!  He should have taught her how to roll a doobie cigar or something COOL!

There seems to be a lot of drama (like always) and I LOVE IT!!!!  I can't wait to see how this plays out!

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