Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your new American Idol is.....

LEE DEWYZE!!!!!!!!!!

I know I predicted that Crystal was going to win but I changed my mind and I was right!!!!!!  I didn't really care who won because for once I think they both deserved to win.

Last night was the 2-hour finale.  My goodness...why do they take so long?  Oh, right, because they are TWO hours long.  Last year's was way better, but so was the talent so I guess it makes sense.  This year's was boring...again to match the talent.  I think I saw Alice and Chains, XTina, Alanis Morisette (what hole did they find her in?), Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty), and some other people.  Like I said, last year's was better.

Oh yeah, drunk ass Paula was there too! Was it me or did she seem sober and alert? You go Paula...AA is helping! She was there to say farewell to the only smart judge on the panel...Mr. Simon Cowell.  The show is definitely not going to be the same without him.  Mark my word, American Idol is doomed! I love Ellen but she's not going to save it.  And neither are Kara Dioadadare or dumb Randy.  MARK MY WORDS PEOPLE!!! 

I'm kinda glad that AI is over.  This season was BORING!!!!!!!  And next season is going to be even worse.  But I will of course watch anyway! :)

Till next year American Idol....oh and congrats again Lee!!!  My house is waiting to be painted by you...naked. :)  You naked, not me!

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