Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dominos Pizza...WTF!

So everyone knows that I'm fat and love to eat. So of course I get daily emails from Dominos...duh, fat people love pizza!  Anyway, I usually delete them because they are annoying.  BUT, today I got the email and it was in SPANISH!!!!!! 

I know I'm Mexican and I know how to read Spanish but geez....just because my last name is Ortega does not make it ok for you to send me an all spanish email.  If it was Spanglish, I would be ok with it. You know "Ordene tu medium pepperoni pizza to save dinero". I can deal with that...

Maybe I'm overreacting but this chaps my hide!  They even have a website http://espanol.dominos.com/  Check it out!

I must look SUPER DUPER Mexican even via email.  This happens to me on a regular basis in person too!!  It doesn't matter where I am, if a Hispanic person is near me, they automatically start a conversation with me in Espanol.  And yes, I can respond but geez.   Maybe this is what they see when they look at me... :) 


  1. Hey I thought your were Indian so maybe just keep a feather in your hair or wear turquoise jewelry

  2. Blanca, you are hilarious. I love your blog. But I got to say, why can't Dominos send me emails in German or French or where ever white people come from? Why are they stereotyping you and not me?? Isn't that reverse-discrimination? I want to be discriminated against too

  3. If I were you Andy, I would write Dominos a letter. Pronto. And I will back you up!

    Thanks for reading my blog. That makes me happy! And can you please tell Boogie that I am funny!!! He doesn't think so.

  4. hahahhaahaha, OMG - blanca, i completely agree with you being upset that you got an email in spanish. i would have been pissed too. the only difference is...i wouldn't have known what the hell it said. :) march on spanish flower. march on. hahahahaha