Monday, May 24, 2010

Game Night!

Every other month or so Michele has a game night at her house.  Even though we play the exact same games every time, it is always the best time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  And of course everyone is drinking so drunk Jenga is the best!

Have you ever played Pictionary??  Can you believe Saturday night was my first time?!?!?  OMG I LOVED IT!!!  I was scared for my team because I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. No joke. I definitely failed that part in kindergarten.  Anyway, our team ROCKED!!  We killed the other team.  I even overheard Fre tell David (they were on the same team) "it's not fair that we are both on the same team, we are going to KILL them".  Ummmm...someone lied to you Fre!!!!!  Apparently they are pros at this game.  Well again, someone lied to them!  David was a bit upset that he lost. I was a bit happy that we won. And it was my first time! LOVING IT!

Then we played Guesstures and Taboo.  Our team again won at Guesstures!! LOVING IT!! But we lost Taboo.  We had to give them ONE!

If you've never been to a game night, you must.  Watching adults play games and getting drunk at the same time is a recipe for disaster the best night ever!

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  1. I LOVE reading blogs!! Especially when I'm mentioned in them!!! Yeah we got whooped up pretty bad, I don't know what the deal was :( Well I'm not gonna take away anything from the other team, ya'll were better on that night and that's the bottom line; BUT you better believe NEXT time is WAR!! Coming back with a vengeance! Twas a BLAST!!!