Thursday, May 6, 2010

Harry Connick Jr AND Lady Gaga?

These two were on American Idol last night. I'm not quite sure how Lady Gaga fit into the Frank Sinatra theme but I guess people like her so they were looking for ratings. At least they didn't make them two sing a duet. Now that, would have been awkward.  Anyway, she was there in full "gaga-gear". I don't get why she always has to have something covering her face. Wait, yes I do, she's freaking ugly so I guess it works. :)  She sang "Alejandro". I actually like this song.  She had 20 male back up dancers that were wearing Spanx!  I swear that's what it looked it.  You be the judge!

Harry Connick Jr sang a song and then he sang another song with the Idols.  I must be honest, I was eating my Lucky Charms and wasn't really paying much attention. I'm sure it was great.  Little Aaron Kelly went home...thank goodness!!! Him and BIG BIG Mike were in the bottom two. I know a lot of people like him, but I hope BIG BIG Mike goes home next week. He's over rated and isn't going to win anyway.  And if he does, he won't make it big (no pun intended).  Anyone remember Ruben Studdard?  The original BIG BIG guy?  He won and has never made it big (LOL...I like saying that word!)

Here he is with the gayest Idol EVER! :)

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