Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hobits AND Models?

What's up with TVs pairings this week??  Anyway, this one made a little more sense because the last 5 models are in New Zealand.  And I am going to assume that this is where they filmed The Lord of the Rings...hence the hobits. 

Wednesday's photo shoot was shot by none other than Miss Tyra Banks herself. I will never ever understand why the models think that she's GOD! I mean seriously, do you notice how they act when she appears from around the corner.  Give me a break ladies!  Anyway, the point of the shoot was to "find the light". OMG they say this a million times each season and still when the models are asked "what do we always say?" they stutter. Idiots.  Thank your lucky stars you are pretty. Geez.  Anyway, the girls get this colored clay in their hair. I'm guessing they realized that some of these girls were in major need of some moisture to their hair. Has anyone seen Angelea's hair???  That girl needs some V05 hot oil treatment.

The photos came out really pretty.  Tyra does have an eye for photography. I totally think she needs to rethink her career path!!  Anyway, here are some pics from last night.

This was the winning picture. Did you see Angelea's face when Krista was called first again!?!?  If looks could kill...the whole entire would would be dead.  I LOVE IT!  Ok so I'm going to be mean but is it me or does Krista look like a zebra in this pic?  Hmmmm....

The plus-sized normal sized model Alexandra did very well this week.  I sometimes forget she's in the competition but now that there aren't as many girls, I have started to remember.  I absolutely love this picture.  You go girl!

I dont have pictures of the others, but don't worry, you aren't missing anything. Angelea's was ok, Raina's was average and little Miss perfecrt Jessica was sent packing!  I agree with this decision because she was too "normal" looking. Very pretty, but normal.  If you compare her to the rest of the girls, you will understand.

I am going to predict that top 2 will be Raina and Krista!  Let's see if I am right!!! 

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