Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pet Peeves!

Ok so I have realized that a lot of things bother me!!!  Maybe it's my old age.  But here are my top 3 things that just irk the crap out of me!  What are yours?

#1 - WHY DO PEOPLE PARK LIKE IDIOTS??!?!?!!  OMG, my parking garage is always packed.  So you would think that people would park correctly so that everyone can have a good spot.  Ok, so I know I live in Texas and the majority of people have biggo trucks and SUVs.  BUT OMG!!  Your 5ton pick-up is not going to fit in that narrow spot.  And that doesn't mean you can have two spots.  I have left notes before. And not nice ones. :)  There have been instances where I have had to get in my car through the passenger side. That is NOT ok people.

#2 - IS CHIVALRY DEAD OR WHAT?  I don't care if you are a man or woman, I will hold the door for you.  And even if you are 20 steps behind me, I will wait.  My momma raised me right!  But wtf is up with people these days???  I have literally been right behind someone and saw that the door was about to close.  Instead of the person in front of me holding the door, they run, get through the closing door and let it CLOSE IN MY FACE!! I mean really????? You couldn't put your hand out and hold it open?  Jesus.  Oh, and if my fat ass holds the door open for you, say THANK YOU!!!!!!! Rude.

It's so dead that the last time it was caught on film, it was in black and white!

#3 - SHAKE MY HAND LIKE A MAN!!  I posted this on FB last week, but I hate hate hate when my handshake is more firm than yours. Don't just give me that little weak squeeze! Please do not insult me. This is the South.  Most deals are sealed with a handshake.  Get with it people!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some guidelines in case you need them. :)

Ok I'm bloodpressure is going down as we speak. Thanks for letting me vent. :)

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  1. Okay - here's mine: now that I have a 70 mile drive to work each way (mostly highway), WHYYYYY do people drive the speed limit in the fast lane with 20 cars behind them????? Move your double nickle rear-end over to the far right lane already. :)