Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol!

It's getting down to the wire now people...only 3 left and one goes home tonight!!

We all know that Crystal is going to be in the top 2.  But before last night, I didn't know who would be standing next to her.  Well I think it's clear stuff Lee Dewyze! Geez, what paint shop did he work at? I would hire him to paint my house anyday!!  Anyway, he was good last night. I think he did better than (do I dare say it?) Crystal!!!!!!

Casey James with his cute self is going to his casa tonight!!! He didn't do well at all.  I mean he was good, but not good enough to vote for.   Crystal's performances were to be expected. She brought out the harmonica stuck to her face and the guitar.  Don't get me wrong, she sounded great, but is it me or is it getting old? Maybe it's just me that's old. Whatever. :)

So my pick to go home tonight is Casey.  He lasted longer than I thought he would.  I would have voted for Lee but we got home too late. SORRY!!!!

It's going to be good tonight!!!

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