Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today is my MONDAY!!!

Like Michele said, it's always something with me!  Well today was no different.  I had plans on leaving the house early to get my vehicle registration and get my car inspected.  I'm an QUEEN procrastinator and I had to do this today because I have court tonight and of course, the ticket was for my expired stickers.  I know, I'm such a loser.

Anyway, I am getting ready to leave (early!!) and I can't find my keys.  Leti is flipping couch cushions, sweeping under the couch, etc.  Oh, we found Cassie's glasses...YAY!  But of course no keys.  Ugh!!!  So I remembered the last time I had them I was in Cassie's car.  I called Cass, and sure enough, they are in her car!! And where is Cassie?  AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geez.  So she offers to come back and drop them (and get her glasses, she's blind as a bat!).  So I leave to go stand in the longest line ever at the Harris County Annex office in Humble.  I thought for sure it would be empty. Who the hell lives in Humble? Well apparently, lots of people.  So I stand in line for almost 2 hours.  My back is loving this.  And then I still had to go get my car inspected. Thankfully that only took 15 minutes. I was the only one there! Thank God for the little place by my house!

So I am at work finally and it's lunch time and I haven't eaten yet!  Oh, and did I mention that I have court tonight!??!?! I HATE going to that place.  I always sit next to the stinkiest person there! It never fails. The last time I sat next to a dude that I swear was playing in dirt and oil all day.  And he was like 50. Well I am praying that I sit next to a Brad Pitt look alike today.  Highly unlikely I know, but a girl can dream right?

At least tomorrow is Friday Eve!!! 

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