Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sniff * Sniff....The Dr is Leaving Me!

Last night was Michelle Arnold's going-away Happy Hour. I didn't want to go because then that meant she was really leaving!!!! WAA-WAA-WAA!!  Ok, let me stop being so dramatic.

The get-together was really nice.  It was at Cork Wine Bar and it was a very nice place. I don't like wine but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  It was great to see familiar faces!!  Look...a Mandy Chris Bilton sighting!!  Dressed fabulously as always.  It's always great to see Chris and hear his wonderful stories.  I see a blog in his future!

I will miss you dearly Michelle!!!!!!!! I hope I can do my work through the tears!!  Ok, so maybe I won't cry everyday, but I will when I pass by your empty office! 

But in all seriousness, I truly am happy for you.  The College Board is extremely lucky that you are going to work for them.  Education is getting a boost as well!  You are going to run that place before it's all said and done...and when that happens, don't forget about all the little people!!!

This is not good-bye...but see you later!  And you better come back and see us! I have to take your "after" picture! LOL

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