Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bachelorette - Episode 3

I missed the 2nd episode so MY BAD!! But I watched last night!! This show is ridiculous but OH-SO-GOOD! :)

So her first date was with HOT-STUFF Roberrrrrto!!

OMG I think she needs to send everyone else home and marry him tomorrow!  This dude gives me goosebumps! I found myself smiling when I was watching their date!!!  Geez....he is HOT!  Anyway, they had dinner on top of a building (of course!) I mean seriously how is she going to top these dates in the REAL world?  Dinner at Olive Garden just doesn't seem so nice anymore. ANYWAY, in order to get to their dinner, they had to literally walk on a wire to get across!! They held hands the whole way. I thought that was cute!  So they have dinner, we learn that he knows how to also speak Italian and French. Ooohh la la...he can talk to me in any language he wants. OH, and he also plays baseball. Geez, this dude is perfect. Boogie who?  JUST KIDDING!!!  So of course at the end of the date, he gets a rose. He would have gotten more from me, but whatever! :)

Then the group date.  They made a music video for the Barenaked Ladies!  I forgot those fools existed. Anyway, it was cool.  But the best part was when our local weatherman couldn't even kiss Ali. WTF?!?!??!?!?!  He went to kiss her and he gave her a hug instead. And then when he couldn't perform (not a good sign) the other dudes started laughing and he STARTED TO CRY!!!!!!!!!! Is this dude serious?? Why do all the people on TV from Houston embarrass us?!?!?! So I have come to the conclusion that this fool is GAY!!  It's ok to be gay, but don't come on the Bachelorette!!!  I think he has more fun hanging out at the house with all those boys. I mean they walk around half naked all day. I would have fun too!  Did you see those short ass shorts he was wearing yesterday?  And that white jacket he had on last week?  This fool needs to come back to Houston and hang out with my friends Adam and Vernon. He will have more fun.  And I know he doesn't have a job anymore at Channel 2, but he can go work for Channel 26...they hire anybody!

Ummm....after that stupid crippled boy hobbled his Rated-R ass to Ali's house!!! He told everyone he was "taking a nap". Ummm...you are an idiot.  Anyway, Ali seemed to feel so special that he did that. WHATEVER!  Well her last one-on-one was with some guy I didn't even know.  Needless to say, he was sent home.  The date was awkward!!!! 

Anyway, the guys find out that crippled boy went to Ali's house because Ali told them! LOL!!!  And of course the boys went crazy!!  And they are of course all standing around talking shit about him and he comes up and asks "so what are we talking about?" and they say "YOU!" LOL!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!  He gets mad, no one cares and he starts crying!!!    Seriously?!????  Two guys in one episode crying??  Is this the Bachelor or the Bachelorette?!??!  Geez...grow some balls dudes! You are on national TV!  Your friends won't let you live this crap down.

Anyway, two guys went home that I didn't recognize.  Crippled boy is still there. Of course to make it ultra dramatic, he got the last rose.  The boys are pissed.  They might beat the shit out of him with those crutches. I know I would!

I can't wait for next week!

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