Tuesday, June 8, 2010

True Life - I'm a Newlywed

I've never been married but I've lived with Boogie for almost 6 years so I count!  Anyway, I've never watched any of the True Life episodes on MTV but this one caught my eye.  The subject was newlyweds but these two couples had special circumstances.

The first couple was young and 22. WHATEVER!  And not only were they young and dumb, they were virgins!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok so I shouldn't knock them...good for them!  So they didn't have sex obviously but they didn't even kiss on the lips, only on the cheek!!!!  you know my horny ass would not have been able to do that! Anyway, she even said that when they cuddle, they make sure not lay down horizontally. Give me a break!   So they get married and the preacher announces to the world that they have been saving themselves for this day and that they will be having sex tonight. AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So they go to their hotel, have sex and she says it was "Great". Highly doubtful. :)  So they move in together and she is "so excited to be a home maker" and take care of her man.  Geez, is this 2010 or 1955?  So a few months of that gets boring and she wants a part-time job.  So she brings this up to her new husband and his response is "well how is that going to affect me and your duties?" I would have punch his sorry skinny ass in the face!!!!  And she says "well I may need help from you but I think I can do it".  I was dying.  But he finally agrees and she says "thank you". WTF ever dude...she's dumb.  So she gets a job as a tutor and thier lives seem to be perfect. She is still able to work, clean her man's house and give him sex every night.  Poor girl.  She might be divorced soon.

The next couple was also 23! WTH????  Anyway, they had a 4-year long distance relationship and they are finally getting married.  So they were going to be living togther for the first time and spending lots of time together that they hadn't before. And if that wasn't bad enought, she was moving 11 hours away to be with him.  She was going to live in a new place, away from her family, with her new husband who she didn't even really know. I mean c'mon, you can't get to know someone over the phone and hanging out for a weekend once a month!!

So she moves and she has a hard time adjusting...DUH!!!  She finds out he's messy and she's super duper neat. She stays up the first night cleaning his house because she says she "can't sleep in a messy house". He is knocked out. NICE!  She also sees her new closet is a lot smaller than her old one.  I think she cries. Hell, I would too.  Anyway, after two months they are getting the hang of things. But at the end she says " I can't wait for the roses and chocolate part of my marriage..I know it's coming soon".  SOMEONE LIED TO HER!!!!! :)

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