Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bachelorette - Episode 4

Ok so last night's episode was GREAT!  Roberto was half naked....need I say more?  :)  I jotted some notes last night  for this episode but of course, I left them at home.  So I am going to try and wing it!  Bare with me people. 

So yesterday, they announced that they boys were going to travel around the world with Ali.  Of course, they are excited. I mean, I would be too. HELLO FREE VACATION!!  So the first one-on-one date is with Kasey.  This dude is WEIRD and I knew that from the beginning.  Is it me or can you not understand one word this fool says?  Seriously, he reminds of that character on King of the Hill..the one that babbles.   Hey it kinda looks like Kasey! LMAO!

ANYWAY, they leave on a helicopter, fly around the city...very typical Bachelorette.  But who cares about all that crap.  THIS FOOL STARTS TO SING TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I swear it was out of the blue.  I was so emberrassed for him, I literally could not look. Ask Cassie, I had the blanket over my face. And the song went on for EVER!! And he can't even sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was bad, and AWKWARD!!!!  So on these dates, either you get a rose or you go home. I thought for sure this loser was on his way back to his casa.  First, Ali calls him out on all antics and tells him that it all seems fake. AMEN SISTER!  He's too much. Reminds me of someone I know...but let's not go there.  So she doesn't give him a rose, but yet he stays. I am confused but Ali was dumb to keep him...good for ratings, bad for her.

This is them on their date. Look at poor Ali...she is bracing herself for this awkward kiss! LOL!!

So after that awkwardness, the group dates goes to the set of the Lion King. AWESOME! I don't remember who was on the group date but all you have to know is that Roberrrrto was there! Can you tell that he's my fave?  So they all have to learn how to dance (more awkwardness) in spandex no less.  Jonathan Novak was at home on brodway in spandex...I am SURE of it.  This is mecca for him.  But who cares about that loser.  So they all have to sing to Ali and my Roberto wins...YAY! And he was smart, he sang TO Ali and I'm sure she melted. I know I did.  So he wins a date and he gets to be IN the Lion King with Ali.  They do this weird dance thing in the air.  I wouldn't care what I was doing with Roberto, as long as I was doing something.  I swear at one point in the "dance", his face was in her crotch.  I'm so jealous of Ali..bitch! 

Ok, so that's done, and I think I stopped watching for a while because my mind is blank.  Let's fast forward to the where she lets two go home.  Mr. Gay himself is trying so hard to get some alone time with Ali. He actually goes and asks if he can cut in someone's convo with her, and he is SHUT DOWN! LOL! I love it.  He finally gets some time, and this idiot has a guitar and starts to sing to her.  This is the awkward show of the season because again, I couldn't look.  Who does he think he is??????  Surely not a good singer! Poor Ali.

Oh wait, I forgot the best part.  Stupid Kasey went and got a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was on his wrist and it was of a heart with a shield around it and a rose.  Yes, a bachelorette rose. Can we say LOSER?  This dude is way off his rocker.  He doesn't get to show Ali but I hope someone tells her that he's going to cut her into tiny pieces if she doesnt' let him go SOON!

Ok, sorry ADD. So back to the rose ceremony.  So she starts to give out roses.  Roberto gets one of course. Some dude named Chris N. WHO IS THAT GUY!!?!?????  I think he's an extra that got put on by mistake or maybe a lighting director. Anyway....Mr. Gay goes home and some other cute guy. Poor things. They got beat out by a stupid wrestler and a Ted Bundy in the making.  So of course Jonathan "Mr. Gay Weatherman" Novak cries.  This is like the 10th time.  I am so glad you are going home.  You make Houstonians cringe. Please don't back to our Tvs either...stay away!!!

Until next week people!

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