Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Facebook....

So Facebook is at an all-time high.  I know because I'm addicted and probably will be until it fades out...if it ever does. And I must say, I hope it doesn't. 

So everyone knows that I am the nosiest person EVER!  So FB is perfect for me.  I can see what everyone is doing without even having to email or call them!  And let me be honest, there are some that I don't care to know what they are doing, but it may come in handy one day. 

The FB friend that really gets on my last nerve is the one that everytime they post, I roll my eyes, throw up in my mouth a little, say "STFU!", etc.  Who do these people think they are?  No one cares how "happy" you are.  No one cares how much you love your babies, dog, husband, etc.  I want to know that you hate your husband/wife, that you wish you could throw your kids out the window (not that I would ever say this!), that you wish your husband/wife would take a vacation from YOU for a week (I really do love Boogie, promise!)...you know, the GOOD stuff! :)

Even though I get annoyed at these people, it still makes for good conversation and an insight into their lives.  And I am probably guilty of some of this with all my postings of my Sofia...but I can't help that. She is TOO cute!!

Oh, as a nosey person, I HATE HATE HATE when people put their profiles to private. HOW RUDE!!! I want to see your pictures even though I don't even know you...DUH!  And if I do know you, but don't want to be your FB friend, I still want to see your pictures, see what loser you married, and see what your kids look like!  :)

I know, I have issues. But that's why you love me. :)  Now on to check my FB!!!

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