Monday, June 14, 2010

Class of 2010!

Good LAWD I am OLD!! I graduated in 1999! GOOOO SPARTANS!!   But enough about my old ass....

My cousin Ashley Marie Espindola graduated and of course, as all Mexicans do, had a party! :)  As usual it was lots of fun!!!  It was Sofia's first real family party and she LOVED it! She was mesmerized by the DJ lights! I may have to get me some of those for the house.  That's not weird right?  Here are some pics from the party...

Cass and Jenny

The next generation of family members.  Except for Eddie (3rd from the left)...he's old! I don't know how he got in there. :)

Cass and the graduate!

My precious with her tio Alex.

It was a fun party!  Lots of dancing like always! CONGRATS ASH!!!

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