Monday, June 14, 2010

Soft or hard?

And NO I'm talking about THAT you pervs! I'm talking about french fries!!!  You should have know I LOVE to eat!

Anyway, I have had conversations with people about how they like their fries.  Some people like theirs crunchy, some like the soft ones. I have a friend who only eats the ones with the square ends!  WEIRDO!!!

Oh and I loooove me some crinkle fries!! Those are soooo freaking good.  But I love potatoes! I can eat them everyday!

So how do you likes yours?  I prefer mine me! :)


  1. I like the thin, crunchy kind. The shoestring ones. I HATE crinkle fries!!

    P.S. Barnaby's has PERFECT FRIES

  2. Kristen and I agree on the "perfect fry." They are cruchy fries but they are also airy. Not the thin hard fries. They are they type of fries that you only find one or two on your plate, but when you do find it, you have to save it for last. Only every once in a while they are perfect fries because they have a lot of oil, so the last fry ends up being disgusting. So I guess in short, cruchy fries!

  3. Lori you are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew fries would be that interesting of a topic? LOVE IT!

    Actually, Theresa and I have had this convo before so I shouldn't be surprised!