Monday, June 14, 2010

Weight Watchers here I come!

So today is the worst day ever day I start my diet.  I HATE dieting.  My ass on the other hand has been begging me to lose some damn weight.  And not to mention my thighs, ankles, bed, chair....!  But...I digress.

I have tried weight watchers before and I lost 25 lbs!!!  Isn't that awesome?  Well I am going to be a maid-of-honor in January and I need to look better than the bride cute!   I like WW because you can actually eat what you want, you just have to count your points!  So let's see how this works out.  It better because I need to get skinny! :)  I will give you updates when I remember. :)

1 comment:

  1. LMAO - hilarious! good luck!! :)